360 Spider BVM6

109 000 €

The Ferrari 360 Spider BVM6 (2000 – 2004) is 8,500 units produced, of which 2,600 with mechanical gearbox.
For this convertible version, the distinction between GTB and GTS is over. Now, the Spider fulfills the role of the Targa which removes the constraints of the previous Spider.
Thanks to the engines, it takes no more than 20 seconds for an automatic decapotage.
To our delight, Ferrari has housed the engine behind a transparent window.

Mark: Ferrari

Model: 360 Spider BVM6

Body type: Coupé

Energy: Gasoline

Year: 2001

Putting in circulation: 07/2001

Mileage: 63100 Km

Real power: 400 Hp

Fiscal power: 34 Hp

Color: Blue

Interior: Leather

Gearbox: Manual

First hand: No